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COHS Information

Central Online Home School 

We are a K-12 grade school.

All Lessons, meetings, collaborations are done online via Zoom.

K-3 grades the program is very parent driven with teacher support.  Students will meet with the CUSD teacher daily through synchronous lessons. Parent and student will meet weekly with their teacher for coaching support and strategies.

Grades 4-8 Students are a little more independent but still need the parent guiding their learning. Students need to have some sort of daily live interaction with the school and meet weekly for synchronous instruction. 

Grades 9-12 will meet once a week with their teacher and must have daily live interactions with the curriculum/school.

Edgenuity is the online program we use for all students grades K-12.

Both log the number of minutes a student is working and engaged in learning.

We recommend students to be actively involved in the learning process for at least 4 hours a day and approximately 20 hours a week.  We gauge a student's performance based on their progress through the curriculum and their grade level performance on the lessons.

Does your child receive special services or have an IEP? If so, you will need to contact the SPED department, at 247-4700 ext: 63222 to get a clearance referral.

To enroll your child please go to our website and under the parent tab find New Registration. Complete the form and upload the documents at the end.  If you are within CUSD you only need to upload proof of residency from the last 30 days.  If you are new to the district, you will need to upload your child’s birth certificate, immunization records, and proof of residency. If you are coming from a CUSD school and you enroll in COHS,  you are giving up your child’s seat at their school of residence.  You may re-enroll your child back into their resident school if space is available or you may go to overflow.



Staff Member Name Grade Level / Role Email
Melissa Bies
Office Manager
[email protected] 
Colette Bolger
[email protected] 
Kelly King
[email protected] 
Lorena Puerto
[email protected] 
Mari Harris 3-5 [email protected] 
Helen Keeney 6-7 [email protected] 
Art Trejo 8-9 [email protected] 
Nancy Carlon 10 [email protected] 
Joy Arroyo 11 [email protected] 
Sarah Yost 12 [email protected] 
Angel Arroyo SPED [email protected] 
Elizabeth Reyes SPED / SDC [email protected] 
Sarah Martinez SPED Aid [email protected]